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  1. (csv) Russian drama networks (as csv edge tables), part of the RusDraCor project (original TEI markup available here)
  2. (gexf) This is a DH project made by two bachelor students during the course of Digital Humanities at the Higher School of Economics Moscow, Vasileva Anastasiya and Malkova Anastasiya. They extracted and visualised in Gephi the Social Network of the Fargo Series.
    Fargo Series gexf
  3.  (gexf) This project was made during the DH Course by two bachelor students, Kolganov Artyom and Konyaev Maksim. They were interesred in the distinction of slave charachters in the anient Greek tragedy and found some quantitative parameters that distinguish slave charachters from the rest. The students analysed six Greek plays and extracted social networks.

    “Agamemnon” by Eschil gexf
    “Antigone” by Sophocles gexf
    “Medea” by Euripides gexf
    “Oedipus The King” by Sophocles gexf
    “Orestes” by Euripides gexf
    The Libation Bearers” by Eschil gexf
  4. (gexf) This project was made during our DH Course at HSE by Anna Derevnjak, a second-year bachelor student at the School of History. In this project Anna compared two versions of the social networks for the play called "Duck Hunting", written by a russian author Alexander Vampilov in 1970.
    The first social network was built based on the appearances of the characters in the same scene, while the second network represents their direct interaction.

    "Duck Hunting" (appearances) gexf
    "Duck Hunting" (interaction) gexf


  1. (geojson) "A Journey Beyond the Three Seas" (1466-1472) by Afanasiy Nikitin (prepared by: Darya Lugovskaya) Interactive map for the first Russian depiction of a non-religious trip to foreign lands. А merchant from Tver, Afanasiy Nikitin made his travel notes on the journey to India in 1466-1472. On his way he visited Caucasus, Crimea, Persia, and India, where he spent several years. 
  2. (geojson) "The Enchanted Wanderer" (18721873) by N.S. Leskov (prepared by: Evgeniya Belskaya)
  3. (geojson) "The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum, by Himself" (16721673)  (prepared by: Sofiya Ostapenko)
  4. (geojson) "Letters of a Russian Traveler" (1791–1792) by N.M. Karamzin (prepared by: Olga Nechaeva)
  5. (geojson) "Our boys in India. The wanderings of two young Americans in Hindustan" (1883) by Henry Willard French (prepared by: Tatiana Ageenko)
  6. (geojson) "Le Ventre de Paris" (1873) by Emile Zola (prepared by: Nina Zuckerman)
  7. (geojson) "A Journey to Arzrum" (18291835) by A.S. Pushkin (part I, prepared by: Maria Trenihina)
  8. (geojson)  "The Golden Pot" by E.T.A. Hoffmann (prepared by: Anastasiya Sergeeva)

Distributional semantic models

  1. Векторная модельDistributional semantic model trained on G.R.R.Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.
  2. Novel2vec


  1. Leo Tolstoy in TEI (the Tolstoy.Digital project)
  2. Russian drama corpus in TEI (the RusDraCor project)


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