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Toward a Fair Concept and Theory of Just War

 National Research University Higher School of Economics

Centre de Recherche des Écoles de Saint-Cyr


Toward a Fair Concept and Theory of Just War

A Tool For a Reasonable Diplomatic Dialogue and For the Science of International Relations



Moscow, 9-11 March 2016

11 Myasnitskaya, Room 325

9 March




Session 1

Chair: Arseniy Kumankov


Conference Opening



Professor Henri Hude. CREC. “From the Just War Problem to the Just Alliances Solution?” 

 Hude (DOCX, 14 Кб)


Professor Boris Kashnikov.HSE. “Just War Theory as War, Justice and Theory”.


11:40-12:00 – Coffee break


Session 2

Chair: Henri Hude


Professor Thomas Flichy de la NeuvilleandStéphane Baudens. CREC. “Which world in 2030? Can the world evolve and become more balanced without wars?”



Professor Andrey Korotayev.HSE.Anatomy of Egyptian Counterrevolution”.

 Korotayev (DOCX, 49 Кб)


Professor Olivier Hanne. CREC. “The Critical Role Of France In The Building Of A Post-Islamist Muslim World”. 

 Hanne (DOCX, 14 Кб)


14:00-15:00 – Lunch




Session 3

Chair: Boris Kashnikov


Colonel Jacques Hogard. Epée Company. “Information in War and Information War. Rwanda. Kossovo. The Point of View of an Officer in the Field and his Reflections”. 

 Hogard (DOCX, 14 Кб)


Oleg Bondarenko. ICRC, Moscow. “International Humanitarian Law: the main IHL norms and principles in the context of combatting terrorism”.

 Bondarenko (DOCX, 13 Кб)



Arseniy Kumankov. HSE. “Just War Theory and War on Terror”



10 March


Session 4

Chair: Olivier Hanne


Colonel Philippe Sidos. French Ministry of Defense. Paris Ecole Militaire. The soviet war in Afghanistan. A narrative and an assesment from a military and moral point of view”.


Professor Alexander  Nikitin . MGIMO. “Military and Peacekeeping Role of International Organizations in Conflicts and Wars”.



Arnaud Leclercq. CREC. “Why Russian Military Recent Intervention are Perceived by the West as Being Groundless and Immoral?” 

 Leclercq (PDF, 40 Кб)


12:00-12:20 – Coffee break


Session 5

Chair: Arseniy Kumankov


Mikhail Mironuk,Artem Maltsev, Kirill Toloknev. HSE. “Rise of the Carceral State as an Unintended Consequence of the Post-Cold War Liberal Policy of Securitization”. 

 Mironyuk, Maltsev, Toloknev (DOCX, 14 Кб)



Professor Maxim Bratersky. HSE“Soft Dimension of Hard Power in Russian Conduct”. 

 Bratersky (DOCX, 14 Кб)


Professor Michail Ilyin. HSE. "Are we still doomed to fight the wars of our ancestors?"


14:20-15:20 – Lunch


Session 6

Chair: Thomas Flichy de la Neuville


Lieutenant-Colonel François-Régis Legrier. French Ministry of Defense. “A French Military reading of Soloviev's Three dialogues about war, morals and religion”



Timofey Dmitriev. HSE. “Violence and Morals: Rethinking the European Tradition”.

 Dmitriev (DOCX, 14 Кб)



Egor Sokolov.MSU. “World War I: Moral Sense and Political Value”.

 Sokolov (DOCX, 14 Кб)



Optional. Dinner at a restaurant.

11 марта


Session 7

Chair: Stéphane Baudens


Professor Aleksey Soloviev. MSU. "Contemporary Hybrid Wars: Reasons, and alternatives”. In French (Guerre hybride: origines, modernité, alternatives).

 Soloviev (DOCX, 15 Кб)



Alain Delange. CREC. “NATO. A Just Alliance for Just Wars?”



Professor Aleksei Kozyrev.MSU. “Soloviev’s The Meaning of War and its historical perspective”. In French.



Closing of the conference

Программа конференции одним файлом: 

 Program Toward a fair concept and theory of just war (DOCX, 28 Кб)


Если Вы не из Высшей школы экономики, но желаете посетить конференцию, за пропуском просьба обращаться к Куманькову А.Д. akumankov@hse.ru